Angela Huddleston

I am amazed by the results of my weight loss of a stone in 3 weeks! I have dropped 2 dress sizes in 5 sessions. I wish I would have known of this place before hand. I can’t wait for final results after my sessions. I will have to buy an entire new wardrobe.

Thanks a bundle and keep up the good work.

Cusel H.

I have been seeing acupuncturists for more than 20 years. When I moved here from the US Dr Wu helped me recover from persistent illness. She is kind and a very gentile with needles. I would recommend her highly


I have been having constant lower back pain for the last 9 months, taking pain killers and other strong medicine prescribed by my GP, NHS couldn’t help me for the 9 months but after just 2 treatments here, I have stopped taking my pain killers, can sleep at night and generally feeling much better than I did before I came here. Thank you.

Atia K

Thank you very much for the treatment you have given me. As a person you are very nice, polite and very punctual with your work. I was really stressed out with my problem but it is really very helpful to understand what the underlying problem behind my problem. I have had a few sessions from you and the way you deliver the treatment is brilliant.

Thank you very much again, I really appreciate it.

Yian Giao Ya and Yian Feng

I had a Dr Wu treatment in 2011, the same year I gave birth to a baby boy. I tried to use IVF two times without any success. Patients with bilateral ovarian cysts should go and see her.

Also my sister got married and for 2 years could not get married, in 2013 she had a Dr Wu treatment and after 4 months of amenorrhea treatments gave birth to a boy at the end of 2013. Thank you so much!


I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called cryoglynbaemia a few years ago after years of long suffering cryoglynbaemia is a condition where my blood produces some abnormal protein. When the temperature goes down slightly it causes the blood to freeze, then it blocks the blood flow and causes inflammation and damage to my body, such as extreme fatigue, pain, leg ulcers, very cold. The mainstream doctors say there is no cure and no specific treatment, only when the symptoms flare up badly will they give me some antibiotics and steroids to control it. But my body is very sensitive to these drugs and it adds more pain and discomfort and caused me to lose so much weight that I could barely move. I have had many different types of treatment only some have helped temporarily.

Then a friend introduced me to Dr Wu’s acupuncture, she has extensive knowledge and experience in treating many conditions. She explained how the body’s natural functions work and she uses my pulse and symptoms to determine which system is weak or unbalance and then she uses needles, moxibustion and cupping to treat me. I feel energised every time since I started the treatment a few months ago. My leg ulcers have not flared u, my energy is up and I feel a lot better. I will definitely continue the treatments and I would recommend Dr Wu to anyone.

Kind regards


I have had acupuncture for a number of years, all with good results, but having had just 3 sessions with you, have been the best of all. Since surgery that was extensive, I found walking and bending all other simple daily activities both painful and difficult. The sessions you have provided have given me a new lease of life. I can now participate fully without much pain. I can digest my meals and generally have more energy. Quite incredible from just 3 sessions! Without doubt I will be continuing with further appointments.

Finally I would like to acknowledge your depth of knowledge and experience as a practitioner. You were able to heal me very effectively without needing to spend hours in conversation. Your experience has no equal in this part of London, something I will definitely be telling others about.

Kind regards

Diana Sohuga (Stage 4 adinocarcinoma, lung)

I am so happy to report the good progress since starting acupuncture & Chinese medicine since the end of October 2013. I hoped for help relieving the peripheral neuropathy (due to chemotherapy) causing numbness and pain in my feet. Not only has your treatment improved this a lot but also has relieved pain, fatigue and loss of appetite due to lung cancer. I no longer take strong painkillers, I have put on weight and recent CT scan showed absolutely no growth or spread of disease. In short, I feel so much better and feel I have a future again. Thank you!


I have been exposed to acupuncture over 6 years in London and enjoy the benefits immensely. Since 2nd of April I have been your patient, customer and friend. You understand how my body functions and you apply the necessary treatment with needles, herbs and cupping to treat my severe allergies, colds, eye strain and overall immune system. I thank you so much for your patience and your expertise over body & mind.

You are the greatest.


Thank you so much for helping me with my blood pressure issues. The treatment has been superb. I will keep coming back regularly as I know how important it is. Thank you!